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Published: 26th May 2010
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The occasion of marriage for a South Indian bride is incomplete without a Silk saree. How to take care of your Silk Sarees -
Making them last forever with beautiful look every day.
1. The best way to wash silk sarees is the tried and tested traditional way.
2. Do not use soap for the first 3 washes, use only plain water.
3. For Silk Saree, wash the border, pallue and body separately in the beginning.
4. For subsequent washes, use good quality mild detergent and clean quickly.
5. Do not bundle the silk sarees and keep wet for a long time.
6. The silk sarees should be dried immediately.
7. Avoid washing silk sarees with any inferior quality material (or) bright colours.
8. Avoid the use of chemicals - these may damage your Silk sarees and end up reducing its life considerably.
9. In case of stains in silk sarees, use cold water immediately.
10. For hard stains in silk sarees better go for dry clean.
11. Use medium iron only for silk sarees.
12. Silk Sarees should be stored in a cold dry place.
13. Unfold your Silk Sarees and change the folding every three months.
14. We recommend stitching of Saree fall for Embroidery Sarees.
15. Soft handling should be practiced in order to keep the silk sarees fresh and free from wrinkle.
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